Moth City

Tim spent three years illustrating worlds, characters and monsters for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson, with film credits including Tintin, District 9 and Avatar to his name. ‘Moth City’ is the project he’s been secretly working on along the way.

Working with Tim I designed the website that would distribute his online novel bringing all of his online elements into a one-page stop which included the graphic novel broken into seasons, blog posts, video posts, social networking information, adverts and login/account functionality. Whereas with other online graphic novels being quite limited and technologically out-of-date we designed and built Moth City to use HTML5 technology, bookmarking functionality to allow users to keep place of where they reached and responsive web design to allow the site to work on all devices. Web developer Mark Webster took my designs and ideas and Tim’s amazing work and brought them to life.

Moth City is a compact manufacturing island given to the American tycoon, Governor McCaw, by the Chinese Nationalist government. In exchange McCaw is to outfit the movement’s vast army as it attempts to destroy the communists and unite the worlds greatest nation. New high-rise weapons plants are built, crushing the ruins of oriental temples beneath their foundations, while the local populace fairs no better under McCaw’s rule.

Now, after a brazen and bizarre murder, McCaw must reveal the island’s secrets before his city’s inhabitants, and everything he has built, is wiped out by the warring factions.

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